World’s Largest Biceps – Mostafa Ismail

Mostafa Ismail is the name behind the honor of world’s largest biceps. Recently, in Franklin, Massachusetts, USA which is now the home to Mostafa Ismail, measurements for his biceps have been recorded which were found amazing. For left arm, measurement for non-flexed were found 62.23 cm (24.5 in) while for flexed, it was found 64.77 cm (25.5 in). For right arm, the size of non-flexed was recorded as 60.96 cm (24 in), while for flexed it was found 63.5 cm (25 in). The native country of Mostafa Ismail is Egypt.

Mostafa Ismail - USA

Of course, to achieve this honor, bodybuilders have to do very tough exercise and ultimately have to take great amount of food in measured quantity. The food intake of bodybuilder of Massachusetts “Moustafa Ismail” is also very high. His daily intake includes nine pounds of carbohydrates, seven pounds of protein and three gallons of water. According to Mostafa Ismail, this food intake helps him in maintaining upper arms that has measurement about 31 inches. This measurement is as large as the waist of a young man. However, he claims that all the sources of food intake are natural. He further added that all the inspiration of body building is the result of a grueling workout routine that he started after the mock of a guest at the wedding ceremony of his for his overweight frame.

After the meal, the clothing routine of Mostafa Ismail is also very interesting. Beside the biceps, the remaining of Ismail’s body is normal. Here, it really becomes a challenge for him to find such shirts that fit his arms devoid of giving him the appearance of a small kid playing wear dressy clothes. Not to talk about the argument that resulted when Guinness determined to identify him as having the biggest upper arm muscles on the globe and reviewers accused him of taking steroids or other mock methods.

Obviously, it was hard for Mostafa Ismail to bear the expense of his food as well as the fee of gym, but he did not lose his heart and worked day and night as an attendant on gas station. However, he renounced his wife who was complaining that he has made his life too hard. After that, Guinness offered him an exclusive trip to London in which all the expenses were being bearded by London authorities.

He had desire to go to Tokyo to come into view in a Fuji TV documentary program. In this documentary, everything about Mostafa Ismail was highlighted especially the event in which a team of sovereign doctors gathered blood samples and X-rays of his muscles. Sara Wilcox the Spokeswoman of Guinness told that their organization was conducting investigation with medical specialists to examine the case of Ismail.

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