Wooden Architectural Complex – China

History of the Chinese architecture is from the ancient time. It is usually described as confined only to the Forbidden City that is exploring little bit by the west. In the middle of the Neolithic period, use of the unbaked bricks of mud and the rammed earth is reduced.

Wooden Architectural Complex

Thus in construction the bricks of mud are dried under the sun and the walls of the rammed mud are made typically with the help of frames of wood. The earth floors of hard pounded is strengthened by the heat. Timber frame is the important part of the wooden architectural complex. These frames can bear the high weight load. It is made up of the wooden supports that are interlinked with each other and forms the skeleton of building. It is considerable technology in all over the world architecture. The main function of the frame or the wooden wall is to define the enclosure or to give the proper shape.

Many buildings in the China even are supported by these frames of wood. They may be of any shape like square, circular and oblong. It emerged in the period of Neolithic. Within the columns and beams of wood the rectangular and the circular structures are available. It supported the earth floor and the roof. Some areas are made up of the wood and are covered with the help of paper and the other are also decorated with the help of lattice ceiling. It is made up of the strips of the woven wood. The brackets of the interlocking wood have the unique and different structural unit that is known as the Dougong. It is the most important and the tradition of the Chinese architecture. It is the network that has function of joining the columns and pillars with the roof of the building.

The building is decorated with the various types of the techniques and materials. Strips of wood are covered with the paper and are used for this purpose. Cupolas are reserved for ceilings of the important buildings and the structures like altars and the tombs. In the traditional system of the Chinese architecture the sets of brackets are interconnect with each other and are used for the ceiling purpose. The central portion of the ceiling s decorated with the help of the water plants such as water lilies. Thus it has the great attraction for the people. Many houses of the commoners are also made up of the wood as well.

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