Winter In Bern – Switzerland

Switzerland is considered as one of the most beautiful places on the planet earth. Every tourist wish to visit this small country, as it offers everything which a common tourist wants, a lot of scenic beauty, colorful night life and bundle of historical sites.

Winter In Bern , Switzerland

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and is one of the few cities, which are present on the UNESCO world heritage site. Bern is known for the good quality of life, which it offers to its residents. There are many historical sites in Bern, but the most famous is the arcades, which is basically a large sheltered shopping place. The length of this arcades is 6 Km and it is a unique site of its own kind.

The city offers some beautiful sites, like narrow streets, sandstone facades and a large number of fountains around the city. If you want to have the best view of the city, get to the rose garden, which is present above the bear park or visit the cathedral tower, which is 101 meter high. These places offer the beautiful view of the river Aare, which flows around the city.

You can find small café around the city, which attract not only local people but the tourists as well. The city has good network of public transport, but tourist prefer to see the city on foot. Other worth watching places are the house of albert Einstein, where he stayed during his visit to Switzerland. You will also like to visit Einstein Museum, history museum, Swiss alpine Museum and art museum. Other than that communication museum also hold different exhibitions. If you are a Paul Klee fan, you must visit the Bern as you can find the greatest collection of the artist’s work here.

Bern has many shopping places, which has almost all the big brands around the world and you can find local things as well. You will love the food and the night life of the city. If you visit the place in winter, it will offer its own charm, as you can find snow covered places all over the city.

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