Willow the White Whale – The Rare Animal

Hey! Let’s share some highly interesting but shocking news which will surely make your time joyful and will lead you far away from irking. In recent times, an enormously rare white humpback whale was found near Norway. “Dan Fisher” a Welsh marine engineer was the man behind this surprising discovery. In August, he was off the coast of Norway when he met with this giant creature and he decided to call it “Willow the White Whale”.

According to specialists, the condition of “Willow the White Whale” is not very different from likely albinism. The cause behind claiming this similarity is the skin of both animals that are lacking in pigmentation. The most remarkable and astonishing fact about “Willow the White Whale” is that, as per previous records only two other humpback whales were discovered in the history that had all-white appearance.

It is considered that While Migaloo is being exaggerated by albinism that is a inherited state and smothers the melanin pigmentation. Chances are there that his Norwegian counterpart would be leucistic rather than albino. Leucism can influence pigments except melanin but it is not possible to take the features of pink eyes of albinism.
The “Willow the White Whale” most likely has a state called leucism, which provides the basis for shortage of pigmentation in its skin.

The White Whale
Photo courtesy of Dan Fisher

According to Mr. Dan Fisher, who belongs to Penyffordd in North Wales, when he pointed out the white humpback whale which was poking out of the water, he became really annoyed and confuse as well about the type of that giant creature. However, soon he overcame this state of mind and recognized this gigantic creature as humpback white whale. After the recognition, he became more surprised that before this, he read about white humpback whales just in books and this point which made him amazed.

After that Mr. Dan Fisher told his story in his own words. He said that “I rapidly went up the mast to obtain a superior vantage position and took lots of pictures of this rare but beautiful whale. After taking lots of shots, we were all chatting and doing discussion about giving it a unique name. Finally, we decided to give the name “Willow the white whale.”

Mr. Dan Fisher has added that he is doing his job as maritime engineer since last 10 years and he spent most of his time in the sea. However, during his whole career he has never watched anything just like it. This experience of watching and catching this beautiful animal was really wonderful for him and this is the most remarkable event of his life. In fact, this experience has registered his name in the history and paid tribute to this fantastic event and creature.

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