Laja Falls – The Beauty of Chile

Like mountains, rivers and forests, waterfall is the beautiful wonder of nature. The charm of every waterfall is hidden in its calm location and pleasant voice of falling water along with chirping of birds. All these things have the power to spell bound any human being. Nothing is different for a beautiful waterfall of Chile situated between two famous cities i.e., Chillán and Los Angeles.

The Laja Falls, Chile.

If you are the lover the nature, you can catch me before disclosing the name of this renowned waterfall. Yes, here we are talking about world-famous Laja Falls. By crossing the old Pan-American Highway, we can easily reach up to Laja Falls that is the part of Laja River flows in south central Chile.

A narrow but very attractive canyon is present below the falls which is the result of erosion caused Laja River. Owing to one of the favorite visiting sites of nature-lovers, millions of people come here every year to make some parts of their lives just memorable for the remaining life. This thing is not only beneficial for the government as a high revenue generating source, but it can be claimed as good source of employment for lots of people.

All these activities have made the Laja Waterfall, a wonderful commercial site as well along with recreational place. It is claimed that the site of Laja Falls was reserved for worship at the times when these lands belonged to the Araucanos. The residents of surrounding areas came here in groups and carried out meditation. Their favorite recreational activity at this place was chewing pine nuts that are the fruit of the monkey-puzzle tree. Those people also used this site for another important task i.e., conducting the test of youngsters to turn out into “men”. The passing criterion of this game was crossing the other side of largest fall on foot.

The foreigners were introduced with this place when two local tribes i.e., Pehuenche and Mapuche determined to do meeting with the don Manuel de Amat y Juniet, who was the governor of that province included in Spain. The exact year of this important meeting was 1756. From then, this place has been recognized as a center of conquests and disputes. Today, this disputed land is covered with natural boundaries of the territories and called as Laja Island.

The shortcut to reach Laja Island is known as Route 5. This by-pass goes towards a little concrete bridge, which is the best way to cross old copious Laja River. In recent past, Route 5 was the sole way of connecting Chillán and Los Ángeles, but with construction of new Panamericana Road, the busy schedule of this path has been declined. The authorizing bodies have circulated the instructions about crossing the bridge which describes that this path should be avoided now especially to foreigners.

From the very first look, people become fan of Laja Falls and the surrounding view become more gorgeous when viewed from the bridge. The real charm is created from the roar of live waterfall in the background.

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