The Guatape Rock – Colombia

World is full of mountains and mountain ranges, but the Guatape Rock in Colombia is the one unique rock of its own kind. According to an estimate the weight of this rock is 10,000,000 ton. The other names given to this rock are Penon de Guatape and La Piedra del Penol.

659 stairs to the top, The Guatape Rock in Colombia.

If we talk about the location of this rock, it is present on the boarders of the two towns, which are Guatape and El Penol, both towns consider this rock their property and that is the reason, it got so many names. According to the local people, once Guatape people decide to write the name of their town on the rock, to show the ownership. They started with the letter G but before the complete the second letter “U” the residents of El Penol came there to stop them and the Guatape people could not complete the name. These two letters are still visible on the wall of the rock.

The rock is unique but tourists can climb it by using 659 steps. Yes, there are 659 steps to reach the top of the rock. This climb is really pleasant and tourists enjoy the beautiful view of the nearby lake and surrounding mountains. One you way, you will feel that rock is coming closer to you. These stairs were wooden in the past, but now they are built with rocks. Tourists have to pay a small entrance fee as well. There is a small area on the top, which is fenced for the security of the visitors. Another tall building is created, which offers the best view of the surrounding area. Tourists can buy souvenirs as well.

If we talk about the Guatape town, it’s really clean and colorful. You can find building covered with the wall art, which is very unique. These buildings were repainted recently, to encourage the tourism in the area. You can enjoy eating in lake side restaurants. There are many attractions for the kids too and young people can enjoy a lot of water sport activities. You can also visit the nearby dam and island, and ferries are available for this trip.
You can find many staying places in the Guatape, which offer basic living facilities and really cheap too. If you are planning your gateway plan it for Columbia and you will not regret your decision. This place offers a lot to its visitors and you can enjoy climbing, scenic beauty and water sports all at one place.


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