The Golden Gate – San Francisco

The suspended bridge between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay is called golden gate bridge. Its name is due to strait spanning towards the golden gate. Its width is about 1 mile and length is about 3 mile. It is approximately 220 feet above from the water surface.

The Golden Gate, San Francisco.

This bridge is recognized symbolically. American society of the civil engineers called it as one of the beautiful wonders of the world. The travel guide of the formers declared it as more photographed and the most precious and beautiful bridge. It was the longest bridge of the world in 1964 at 1,300m. But after the 1964 Verrazano-Narrow Bridge, it is at second number.

The bridge looks awesome during the fog season. From Marin Headlands the view of golden gate bridge in the fog season during sunrise is really awesome and eye catching. At night due to beautiful lights it looks stunning. The bridge is famous all over the world as well as for the native bicyclists and pedestrians. It has three lanes for the vehicles and one way for the walking people.

In past the vehicle lanes were separated from the walking way with the curb of the metal but now it is separated with the help of the railings to avoid the falling of the bicyclists. Eastern side of the ridge has the main walkway. This way remains open for the bicyclists and the pedestrians from the morning till the afternoon in the working days, usually 5am to the 3pm. But for the pedestrians it remains open all time in the daylight usually 6pm or in the DST till 9pm. It remains reserved for the pedestrians during weekends from 5am to the 6pm or till the 9pm during DST. And open for the bicyclists in the night or in the evening, when pedestrians are not allowed. The southern end is accessible from 5:30 am till the midnight near to the parking lot and toll plaza of the golden gate bridge.

The western way for the walk is not usually used. It is just open for the bicyclists during the hours when they are not permitted to pass through the eastern walkway. Two agencies of public transportation give the service across bridge. The color of the bridge is orange vermillion officially that is known as the international orange. Its color is complement with the surrounding and increases the visibility of the bridge during the fog.


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