The Terrafugia Flying Car

It is reality that private transport has not improved drastically during the last 50 years. Moreover, travelling has become a hassle in these days due to terrific rush on the roads and distant travelling is not possible without airplanes.

While the airlines have an imposing protection record, commercial air travel is far away from expedient. In this scenario, cars allow you to set your own program, but this means of transportation is sluggish and unsafe. On the average traveler waste almost five hours a week trapped in traffic and worldwide, more than one million people expire in the car accidents every year. In this regard, we require the protection of commercial aviation, the ease and suppleness of a car and the liberty of the open sky.

We necessitate such a novel industry that may provide safety of personal aviation that must be as simple as driving your car. In short, we need a practical flying car. Terrafugia is the company that highlighted this important need of human beings and aims to direct the formation of a new flying car that will assist the people to get this new element of private freedom. the slogan of Terrafugia in this regard is “We are Driven to Fly”.

In fact, Terrafugia is the name of such corporation that has gain popularity in making astonishing building and most remarkably in selling a flying car. This company was came in being in 2006 and based in Woburn, MA, that is outside the Boston. The meaning of the company name i.e., “Terrafugia” is also interesting that has Latin origin and carries the meaning “escape from earth”. In 2009, Terrafugia introduced its first attempt for brief takeoff-landings which has been in the test-flown state since that time. The current planning of Terrafugia’s reveals that it will ship the first Transitions in 2015 or 2016. More amazing thing is the highly aconomical price range of this aimed product that will be not more than $300,000. Until now, Terrafugia has claimed more than 100 deposits for the upcoming Transition.

With small fuselage and four road wheels on the base, the Terrafugia flying car is equipped with short wings that take the drive from electric rotors and provide liftoff vertically. Moreover, it has tendency for level flight by means of horizontally rotation.

The most surprising thing for the people about this flying car is its little engine. In 1920, Henry Ford tried to make a flying Flivver. Terrafugia is the latest modification of this previous struggle. In the recent past, many models were tried to fly but could not be succeeded. They claimed that Elon Musk is the man who could accomplish the task of a flying car thanks to his history reveals of creating rocket ships. Therefore, for that man, this task is also not like a rocket science. The sole lacking of this flying cars is that it still cannot become a commercial creation.

In a recent interview to a British newspaper, Elon Musk told that “It is possibly that we will create a flying car, but it will be for fun.” Afterward in the same discussion he precisely indicates that, even as he might simply make a flying car, there is still no technology to manufacture a high-quality flying car.

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