Teletubby Cave Home

Home is something really own and it is the sign of comfort, love and protection. Everyone has a different idea about his own house. Some people want large homes with large lawns, while others wants little cozy homes, which provide them the comfort and protection.

Teletubby Cave Home

With the advancement of technology, new and innovative technique re used in the construction of homes, but some of them are really unique and breath taking. Here we are talking about the Teletubby cave home. Yes, this is a cave home, which is present in the Wales and the exact place is called as Malator. This roof looks like a cave form outside, as it has turf roof. Basically, it is an underground house, which is in complete harmony with its surroundings. It has peephole doorway, which is unique and completely blends with the natural beauty outside the home. Inside the house, we can find one room, which is divided into necessary chambers by the use of prefabricated pods, which are colorful.

The surrounding landscape is also very beautiful, as it is present near the beach and inside the beautiful hills. This is not a new concept; rather it was complete more than a decade ago, however, now people have paid attention towards this beautiful building. Architectures are really impressed with the construction of this home, as it is not completely visible at first sight, which shows that how much blended it is with the surrounding environment. Its sleek design makes it an interesting art features, instead of a practical home.

It is a small home, but as the surrounding environment is all opens for the residents so it offers sense of freedom for the residents and it’s easy to love the nature and observe different natural patterns when you are living in such a home. This home does not have a designated garden, like a common home, yet the whole landscape around the home is its garden, which makes its huge property.

This kind of housing encourages people to live in harmony with the nature. It shows that it is possible to take care of environment around you, while you enjoy all the facilities of modern housing. It will give rise to many other designs of such houses, and architectures are working to make this design more practical and attractive for the people. It is a great way to encourage the people about environment protection and enhance the awareness about environment.

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