Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route – Japan

Beautiful places are present all over the world and Japan is not an exception. Usually, people get attracted towards Japanese culture and Japanese food, but another beautiful aspect of Japan is the beautiful places. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is one of them.

20 meter snow wall in Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Toyama, Japan.

This is basically a 37 Km long route, which joins two places Tateyama and Kurobe. There are many interesting things about this route. Firstly, although the length of the route is 37 Km, but the vertical distance is nearly 1,975 m. Moreover, the tourists, who come to visit this place, use seven different transportation means, which is simply an exception. If you will travel on this famous route, you will walk of transportation in Japan, but now it is not used anywhere in Japan, except on this route.

So, if you want to see trolleybus working practically somewhere, this is the best place. Trolleybus emit no smoke so, its complete safe for the surrounding environment. Now, if we talk about the details of this route, it is constructed really carefully, in order to avoid any damage to the surrounding environment. Three lines are not open; rather they pass through the tunnels. It serves two purposes, one, it saves the environment and secondly, it saves the track from snow.

The Tateyama Kurobe alpine route is divided into different sections, the section between Kurobe and Ogisawa was originally built for the dam construction. The other section between kurobeko and Tateyama was original built for the tourists. Now the both of these routes are used for the tourist activities only. If we talk in practical terms, it is the only linking route between Toyama and Nagano, which is five hours long.

A large number of tourists visit this route for the natural beauty it holds. The most attractive part of this route is the Tateyama mountain range, which offers a lot of scenic beauty. It is also the part of the Chubu Sangaku national park. Other than the mountain beauty, tourist also crosses the snow corridor, which is 20 meter high. The real charm of visiting this place is I spring, which alpine flowers are in full bloom and the surrounding areas are clearly visible.

However, a large number of people love to cross it in winters as well, because the snow covered peaks give a unique view at so much height. You can plan your visit to the place, according to your choice, but it looks marvelous in both seasons. Snow covered alpine mountains have their own charm and there is no question about the beauty of place in summer and spring.


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