18K White Gold Car of an Oil Billionaire in Abu Dhabi – The Hot Story of FrontPage

Minerals and oil are the gifts of nature and various countries are blessed with different types of such gifts. United Arab Emirates is the country which is blessed by nature in the form of oil that is used as fuel in vehicles and all industries. It is very easy to estimate the value of oil … Read more

Dubai Aquarium: The World-famous Dazzling Attraction

Dubai has undoubtedly become one the world’s most visiting places thanks to countless attractions for the people regardless of age limit. This shining state of UAE remains filled with people of almost every authenticity during the whole year and collects a huge amount of revenue from foreigners. Among lots of attractions, Dubai Aquarium is one … Read more

Inter Continental Festival City Hotel in Dubai

Today, Dubai has become a business, cultural and leisure hub not only for the locals but for the people belongs to any region of the globe. People feel real pleasure to come here by availing wide range of shopping and amusement facilities. Due to countless attractions, Dubai always remain full of tourists belong to different … Read more