Channel Islands National Park – The Place with Lots of Fun in California

Channel Islands National Park is a national park in United States that comprises five Channel Islands among the total of eight ones. The location of Channel Islands National Park is Pacific Ocean aside the coast of California. Though the islands are near to the coast of compactly populated Southern California, their separation has left them … Read more

Capilano Suspension Bridge – Park Vancouver

The myths about historical and present Vancouver does not completed without beauties of nature such as First Nations artisans of British Columbia chiseled prodigy into cedar; gorgeous gardens skirt colorful totem rods and Capilano Suspension Bridge. These are the three legend things related to Vancouver and remind you the peacefulness of a West Coast rainforest. … Read more

San Diego and Arizona Railroad

The San Diego and Arizona Railway was founded by John D. spreckels in 1906. It was a type of railway road that has short line. It is also known as the impossible railroad by the engineers who designed and worked for it. It is called sod because it had to face the large number of … Read more