Snow Rollers – North America and Northern Europe

The world holds many surprises for human. Sometimes they are hidden in thick forest and sometimes we can find them in thick sheets of ice. Snow rollers are one of the amazing phenomena, which is really rare in nature.

Snow Rollers - North America and Northern Europe

The snow rollers are basically a metrological phenomenon, where cylindrical shapes of snow are formed. These are formed by the action of wind. When strong wind blows on the ice sheets, it get some lose ice with it and give it the shape of snow rollers. They are cylindrical in shape and hollow. The inner layer of these snow balls in thin and weak and as they grow in size the outer layers are thick and strong enough to hold the cylindrical shape. When the inner layers are blown by wind, the outer layers look like Swiss roll.

This phenomenon is present in regions like North America and Northern parts of Europe, as laying snow and high speed wind is required for the creation of these snow rollers. They form in various sizes, because the formation of these rollers depends on the smoothness of the surface and the wind strength. Gravitational force also plays an important role as if the surface is more inclined the wind can easily blow ice away.

When the snow roller become so big and wind can’t carry it further, it stays there. Usually they get support from vegetation in the area or they rest at the bottom of the hill. Some of them melt when the sun rises, while some get destroyed by the slow moving wind. This phenomenon is present in areas of North America and Northern Europe, as the strong wind and inclined ice sheet combination is available in that area. They can form at any place, which fulfills the requirements necessary for their creation.

They vary in size greatly. They can be as small as a tennis balls and can be as large as few feet. A snow ball having 2 feet diameter is found in the area. According to some scientist, they are not actually hollow, when they begin to form, but the inner layers are really fragile which are blown away, by the wind and the remaining roller is hollow, as we can see in a number of pictures, taken in the area.
It is a strange phenomenon, which is very rare. It shows the power of strong winds, which can create such beautiful pieces of art in thick ice sheets.

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