Skydiving Over The Great Blue Hole

In the Belize coast there is the large submarine sinkhole that is known as the great blue hole. It has circular shape. It across over the 984 feet and the depth is of 407 feet. It is formed due to the many episodes of the quaternary glaciations during the low level of the sea. It is the part of the Belize Barrier Reserve System that is the site of world heritage of United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization.

It is considered as one of the top sites for the scuba diving. Scuba diving is one of the most popular kinds of the diving in which divers take their breathing apparatus with them for the deep dive. Conservation of this is very important factor for the residents and the government due to which fishing is not allowed and the removal of the coral cannot be done. Thus this region has the important laws of preservations. There are many seal lives that can be seen and thus diving is increased. Scuba divers are expected to dive deeply. The range of the depth is from 40 feet to the 100 feet.

It is almost 60 miles away from the mainland. People can visit it through boats as well. But the timing and the number of the boats is limited in a day at this region. It is an amazing place that should be visit compulsory. It is present in center of reef spans. The great blue hole is the 400 to 10 feet in depth and it is called as the great blue whole because of the color of water that is dark blue and swirls of water inside the depth.


The whale sharks are very common and they are seen very often especially from the end of the march till the end of the June. This is highly reserved area for the scuba divers and the people that love natural beauty and the sea life. The diving is regulated in this region. Diving is conserved in this place and this place is the home for the whale sharks.

If you have a chance of scuba diving here then you should not miss it. If you are passionate about diving than there are many sights and reefs that you can visit. Scuba divers will find that visibility and temperature of water is good during the whole year. Thus diving experience at this place is unforgettable.

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