Sky Walking – Canada

Different sports are famous all around the world, but some activities are really unique. A large number of people love hiking and heli- skiing but here we are talking about the sky walking. Yes, when you walk on this bridge it seems as you are walking in the sky and that is the reason it is called as sky walking.

Sky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, Canada

The resort is present in mount Nimbus, Canada. Mount Nimbus is a high peak in British Columbia, which is 5514th highest mountain in the range. Via Ferrara is basically, s climbing route which is present in Alps and various other locations, the important things about the Ferrata is that, it is protected route. A steel cable is present throughout the rout of, which is fixed to the rocks at particular distance which is 3 to 10 meters, depending on the availability of nearby rocks.

Climbers are provided with the via Ferrata kit, which help the climbers to secure themselves and the chances of falling reduce to almost zero. That is the reason; no climbing experience is required for sky walking. Climbers are also provided with other climbing aids as well, like iron rugs, ladders and pegs. So, it makes a dangerous route a protected climbing experience and even inexperienced climbers can enjoy this great walk.


A large number of people experience this delightful walk in Canada every year. Many people take is another way of mountain climbing, which is 1000 m above the ground level. This climb is 180 meters long and takes 2 hours to reach the destination. This route was built in 2007, which is present near the small town, which is called as golden. A helicopter is available for the visitors, as it drop them on the exact location.

There they are provided with the helmets and other necessary equipment’s required for sky walking. After clipping their ropes with the metal cable, visitors start their climb. During the climb, tourists also experience a suspension bridge, which is a unique experience of its own kind. The natural beauty around the route is breath taking and the most important thing is the eagle flight. Yes, visitors also witness the eagle flight during their walk.

As this route is present in Alps so the surrounding environment changes with the season. In winter snow covered peaks offer the beautiful view, while in summer season, it feels really good to walk at such a height, while flowers all around offer a breath taking view. So, you can plan your journey according to your wish. If you love snow covered peaks, winters are the best season to visit this part of Canada, but if you want to see the green mountains and colorful flowers and want to enjoy the cool breeze in summer season, plan your visit in summer. The charges for this walk are quite affordable for the visitors, so, majority of the visitors enjoy this walk, as its completely safe and requires no hiking experience.


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