Santa Marta – Green City of Colombia

Santa Marta, the third biggest city of Colombia’s Caribbean region is the capital of Magdalena department. The first two largest cities of this region are Barranquilla and Cartagena. There are various honors belong to Santa Marta such as in Colombian region, this is the first Spanish settlement that was founded by Rodrigo de Bastidas “a Spanish conquistador” in 1525.

Beautiful homes in Santa Marta, Colombia

Among South American continent, this is the second oldest existing city and among whole country, this is the oldest one. Today, Santa Marta has become a famous visiting place thanks to lots of attractions. History reveals that before the influx of Europeans, the continent of South America was populated by a large number of native tribes. Because of mixture of considerable rainfall, humid weather and annihilation of lots of proceedings by Spanish conquistadors, the historical knowledge about this region is limited.

Santa Marta is situated along the Caribbean Sea in the cove of Santa Marta in the Magdalena province. From Bogotá, it is located at the distance of 992 km and from renowned Barranquilla; its distance is 93 km. The north and west borders of Santa Marta are shared with Caribbean. However, Ciénaga and Aracataca municipalities share the border to the south of this city.

Tourism is the largest industry of Santa Marta and contributes a major part in economy of city. The other notable industries that contribute some portion in the financial system of this city are fishing trade, port activities and agriculture. The key agricultural goods include coffee, bananas, cassava and cocoa. There are two colors in the flag of Santa Marta i.e., white and blue. White represents peace that means all the people are united without distinction of color and religion. Blue denotes the nature of Santa Marta such as sea, sky, the enchantment originate in the horizon and the snow-capped Sierra Madre Mountains.

When we talk about infrastructure of Santa Marta, we realize that it is a foremost port of South America. It is also easy to reach to Santa Marta via Air route by means of Simon Bolivar International Airport that is just 16 km from the city center. Another very noteworthy event related to Santa Marta is that, the famous Simon Bolivar died here. His lodge recognized as La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino that is situated just outside of the city center. Being situated nearby the coast, the expansion of this city is not possible at all. Miami Beach in Florida is the sister city of Santa Marta.


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