San Diego and Arizona Railroad

The San Diego and Arizona Railway was founded by John D. spreckels in 1906. It was a type of railway road that has short line. It is also known as the impossible railroad by the engineers who designed and worked for it. It is called sod because it had to face the large number of the logistical challenges.

San Diego and Arizona Railroad

It provides the connection with southern pacific railroad. It is about 23km long and with the help of it the secret funding is possible for endeavor. It is abbreviated as SD&AE. Now it is spread over the 174 km area. It is divided into the four fragments or the departments.

The blue line: that runs towards the south from California, San Diego to the San Ysidro. Its length is about 24.94 kilometers or 15.5 miles. The desert line: that runs towards the northeast from the Mexico border of the United States at the division to the plaster city of California. Its length is about 112.49 km or 69.9 miles. The orange line: that runs towards the east from San Diego to the EI Cajon, California. The total length of this segment is about 39.90 km or 19.2 miles. The fourth and the last segment is the Coronado Branch.

It runs towards the south junction street 12th of San Diego to the imperial branch of the California. Its total length is approximately 11.59 km or 7.2 miles. Vandalism and the natural disaster of many years cause lines unserviceable rendered.

And many portions of the lines are sold now to the various industries or the interests. Miles of 46 million tons of freight revenue on the line is reported on the railroad in 1967. In 1979 light for the inter count is established for the line of rail passenger from the south region of the pacific. The remaining part is used for the freight into the imperial county. It was the portion for the condition sale by SP to MTS.

The pacific southwest railway museum started the operation of the passengers or trains out f the property in Campo, California over SD&AE. The museum has the tools and the equipments and corporate in having the records of both SD&A and SD&AE. It is the attraction for the people. In January 2013, the operations for freight re conducted by Pacific imperial railroad for the San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad and the desert line for both orange and blue lines.


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