The Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo

Lots of weird shaped structures are present in the world which depicts the intelligence and skill of competent builders and engineers. However, there are also such structures in the world which are not only strange with respect to style, but the theme behind their construction also differs from ordinary composition. The key motivation behind such … Read more

Giant Anacondas in Amazon River – Wonder of Nature

Wonders of nature are countless and Amazon rain forest is the true picture of this claim. The vast and congested ecosystem of Amazon rain forest is the best living place not only for common animals, but a variety of weird and wonderful animals also exists here. Among a long list of such rarely found animals, … Read more

18K White Gold Car of an Oil Billionaire in Abu Dhabi – The Hot Story of FrontPage

Minerals and oil are the gifts of nature and various countries are blessed with different types of such gifts. United Arab Emirates is the country which is blessed by nature in the form of oil that is used as fuel in vehicles and all industries. It is very easy to estimate the value of oil … Read more

Laja Falls – The Beauty of Chile

Like mountains, rivers and forests, waterfall is the beautiful wonder of nature. The charm of every waterfall is hidden in its calm location and pleasant voice of falling water along with chirping of birds. All these things have the power to spell bound any human being. Nothing is different for a beautiful waterfall of Chile … Read more

Channel Islands National Park – The Place with Lots of Fun in California

Channel Islands National Park is a national park in United States that comprises five Channel Islands among the total of eight ones. The location of Channel Islands National Park is Pacific Ocean aside the coast of California. Though the islands are near to the coast of compactly populated Southern California, their separation has left them … Read more