New River Gorge – West Virginia

We can find much large manmade structure all around the world, and New River Gorge Bridge is one of them. The bridge is 3,030 feet long and is present in the Appalachian mountains in the United States. This is an arch bridge, and the arch is 1700 feet long. At the time of its construction, it was the longest steel arch bridge, but now it is at the 4th position.

New River Gorge - West Virginia

If we talk about the famous US routes, it is part of the route 19. The new river Gorge Bridge is really busy and has a heavy traffic load. According to a rough estimate more than 16,000 vehicles of different sizes cross this bridge in a single day.

Now if we talk about the New river Gorge itself, it is a great spot for the recreational activities. It is called as the new river, as it was not known to the ancient people of the area. Now the place has been developed as a tourist’s attraction as it has great scenic beauty all around the gorge. The river flows on its natural way and it is the home for various species of plants and animals.

We can find unique plants of the cliffs of the gorge. Some hydro power projects are also operational on this part of the river. If you are a lover of outdoor activities like fishing, rock climbing and mountain biking, this is the right place for you. Another plus point is the economical budget. Yes, all these activities are available for the visitors in very reasonable amount. The place is also known for the whitewater rafting.

A famous festival also held at this place; however, if you want to cross the bridge, don’t go at the time of festival. During the festival the bridge remains close for the terrific due to security reasons. Hawks nest state park is another attraction on new river gorge. You can find many trails for mountain biking and hiking, whatever you prefer. You will get the necessary material on spot and enjoy your visit to new river gorge. Moreover the spot is known for rock climbing as 1400 single pitch spots are available for rock climbing. If you are a rock climber, you must not miss the chance to climb on these rocks.

Many other parks are also present in the surrounding area of this gorge like New river state park, New river trail state park; Jefferson national forest and new river gorge national river are just the few of them. Plan your visit to new river gorge, if you are visiting US in this holiday season and enjoy the wide range of recreational activities there.

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