Needle and Thread – Microscopic Art by Willard Wigan

World is full of talented people and there is no any field of life that is empty from masterpieces of creative people. Of course, photography is one the greatest fields of art that holds los of magnum opus at its canvas.

Unbelievable Microscopic view of Needle and Thread.

However, here it is necessary to understand the difference between microscopic art and photography art. The following picture reveals the clear differentiation between photography and microscopic art. In this picture, microscopic view of needle and thread has been elaborated in ultra clear manner and obviously, it looks very interesting and no one can stay behind without praising the skill of person that is behind this masterwork. Well, the man behind this creative work is not other than world-famous sculptor “Willard Wigan”.

Willard Wigan, who is famous for his microscopic art, was born in Ashmore Park Estate on June, 1957. This state is the part of Wednesfield, England. The theme of microscopic art of Willard Wigan is needle eye. He has gained perfection in placing the sculpture in the eye of needle. The dimensions of one sculpture are too small that are sized typically 0.005 mm. In appreciation of such unique microscopic art work; Willard Wigan was privileged by The Queen In July 2007 with an MBE.

The great and exclusive microscopic artwork of Willard Wigan is not limited to some particular subjects or aspects. We can see every kind of needle eye work in the artwork of this great artist. The canvas of needle eye work of Willard Wigan ranges from culture to architecture. However, the most periodically repeated work of this artist belongs to historical events.

One of his most renowned masterpieces is a tiny replica of Michelangelo’s David that has been fixed out of a sole sand particle. A specially made minute version of the Lloyd’s building that is situated in London is also a well-admired work of Willard Wigan.

Among latest well-liked needle works of Wigan, a mini sculpture of Obama family and a statue of astronaut Buzz Aldrin in the eye of a needle are notable. Other prominent works comprise a copy of the FIFA World Cuptrophy and a microscopic Betty Boop. The size of both sculptures is not more than 0.005 mm in terms of height. There are lots of famous personalities who are the fans of Willard’s work such as Lord Bath, HRH Prince Charles, Sir Elton John, ex- Davis Cup Tennis Captain David Lloyd, former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and music mogul Simon Cowell.
The most significant honor on account of Willard Wigan is that, his work has been included among eighth wonder of the world. He was also awarded an MBE from Queen Elizabeth II on July, 2007.

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