Nature Of Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its second name “Heaven on Earth” all over the world. The reason is nothing but the eye-catching natural beauty of this wonderful place. Sometimes, this gorgeous land is referred as the foundation of the Rhine, Rhone, and the Danube and sometimes, it is claimed as is the water tower of Europe.

That's why we love Switzerland.

It’s a booming scene to see, hear and feel the huge quantity of water come rolling down with terrifying speed per second. The site of this amazing view is the Europe’s largest waterfall which is also situated in Switzerland. The story of this beautiful land does not end here but starts with lots of more attractions. To take a tour of Switzerland and become the part of most beautiful memories of this land, just stay with us.

We start from the worlds most attractive and striking mountain situated on the land of Switzerland. When we take the view of this world-famous mountain from the valley, it gasps us but we have to go to Zermatt for this stunning experience. Trains and trams take the lovers into an icy paradise for a nearer view. Now the time has come to take deep breath in the atmosphere of alpine lake.

The most catching memory about alpine lake is its deep-blue jewel that is prepared radically beautiful through the steep-sided walls. Öeschinensee is considered as the most beautiful place among the entire surroundings of Alps and locals admire this reality. We cannot refuse this claim and must have to agree with them after seeing the beauty of Öeschinensee. Moreover, Öeschinensee is situated just at 20-minute walk from the peak of the Kandersteg lift.

From the calm and pleasant valley floor, glacier-hewn walls stand up 3000 feet on all sides as 72 waterfalls run over the edge. This magnificent valley was the source of motivation for Tolkien on account of Middle Earth and Rivendell. The vertical fall of the Moiry Glacier produce the glacial alike of a waterfall as enormous blocks of ice confuse their way down the mountain.

This is situated at the apex of the Val d’Anniviers close to the Grimentz town. No doubt, all these attractions are enough to spell bound the visitors, but is does not mean that these are the only things belong to Switzerland. Lots of more beautiful attractions are waiting for you, if have some spare time to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland.


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