Natural rock of Mykonos, Greece

Greece is well known for a number of reasons, not only the home of some wonders of the world, but the country is known for its river Nile as well. However, here we are discussing the natural rock of Mykonos, although the country has a rich cultural and historical background, but this natural place has its own beauty.

Amazing dinner location in sea on natural rock of Mykonos, Greece

This rock is present in the popular island of Mykonos. This island is present in the Aegean sea and is considered as one of the most popular tourists attractions. A large number of international tourists visit the place every year. This is considered as the busiest place in the Aegean’s islands. Mykonos has many reasons behind its popularity and one of them is the choice of residential places. You can find all kind of luxury and cheap hotels at this place. So, this place can fit in every budget.

The size of Mykonos island is 85.5 square kilometers and the highest point is located at the height of 342 meters. According to a census, the inhabitants of this island are nearly 10,000. The island is known for its night life, and the clubs of this area are popular all around the world. There is no river on the island but seasonal streams enhance the beauty of the place.

Granite rocks are present on the island in large quantity. Strong winds have eroded these rocks and they are present in interesting shapes now. These natural rocks look really beautiful in their unusal shapes and that is the basic attraction for the tourists, which came to Mykonos to see these beautiful natural rocks.

If we talk about the climate of the area, it rains in February and March and it’s dry for the rest of the year. Very little vegetation is possible due to this arid climate and in summer months temperatures are really high, however, strong winds keep them bearable for the local people and visitors.

Now, a large number of resorts and spa are present on the island, which provides all kind of entertainment and relaxation to its visitors. Visitors can also enjoy water sports at various places, some indoor and outdoor pools also offer swimming facilities. Some private beaches are also available, if you want the privacy. However, they are pricy. You can have a great time at the beach and that too I economical price, if you want to enjoy.


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