National Geographic in Hot Springs – East Africa

As the technology has advanced we have different channels according to the interest of viewers. Some, people want to see news, while some others are interested in movies and still other want to get the knowledge about nature. National Geographic channel and magazines are doing a great service. They are exploring the sites, which were hidden and providing the information about the nature. They produce pictures, videos and informative material, about all kinds of plants, animals, and places.

National Geographic in Hot Springs  - East Africa

We all want to know about the Mother Nature and that is the reason the number of viewers of this channel in increasing day by day. They offer printed material in the form of magazine and that is also distributed all over the world.

National geographic has reached many far off places of the planet earth and this picture shows one of the places. This picture shows some amazing colors, and it is hard to believe that it is actually a picture not a painting.
This picture is taken from a hot spring in East Africa. The colors of the water are so amazing and one can think that it is an effluent from an industry, it is not so, rather it’s all natural. This is a natural hot spring in east Africa. The place is full of algae and has a huge amount of sulfur in that. As it is a hot water spring the water evaporates and when it condenses back, it leaves salts and sulfur minerals behind. These minerals are of these beautiful colors, which give water these amazing shades, which are rare.

Moreover, algae population is blooming in these waters and we know that algae are present in verity of colors in nature. So, some of these colors are contributed by algae, while others are natural minerals, which are making this beautiful rainbow in water, in such a far off place.

According to some researches, there are active volcanoes under the surface of the water, which are giving rise to these hot springs, which are the basic reason behind these beautiful colors. If you come across any hot spring during your journey, make sure that you don’t go close to the hot water. As the geological heat is used to heat this water, so it has really high temperature and it can be dangerous for the humans. These waters have only those species of animals and plants, which can tolerate high temperatures and other cannot survive even.


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