Nas montanhas de Fafe

Love for nature is present deep inside the human heart; some people care to enhance this love, while others remain busy in daily routine. The caves were the first home of man and now we are living in modern houses, however, even now you can find some cave houses which are modern too.

Nas montanhas de Fafe

One such example is present in Portugal in the form of Nas montanhas de Fafe. This home is created between the four natural big stones, which were present at that location. It was constructed in 1974 by a family, who was in the area for a family retreat. But now it becomes the center of attention by the tourists and architectures. The perfect harmony of this house, with its surroundings make it a source of attraction, while many others call is as a Flintstones’ house. The owner of the house has installed bullet proof windows now to avoid any theft. The house has no electric supply and tap water facility, yet it has some unique features like cement sofa, a eucalyptus stem and the swimming pool, which is created by carving a large stone.

No one can recognize that it’s a house from a distance, but the roof of the house is the indication. It seems that roof is resting on a big bolder and it does not look like a house. The house is well lighted form inside, as it has windows in open area and as it is small enough to its cozy too. The owner says that tourists create problems for him, as they want to see the house and disturb him in odd timings, so he has s steel door now a bars on the window, to avoid any interruption.

The house is complete harmony with the natural environment present around it. Many people think about having their own holiday homes, like this one in the wild area, but this is a unique place of its own kind. It would be a great experience to live in such a home, which is constructed with big boulders. It can help to understand the problems of man, when he was used to live in caves. Although, the house has some modern facilities, yet it is not disturbing the surrounding environment. It is a great idea to have such environmental friendly homes at far off places, as it will enhance the awareness about the environmental protection and will enhance the tourists activities in the area as well.


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