Mulnomah Falls – Oregon

Many waterfalls are famous around the world and one of them is Multnomah Falls. It is not really renowned, but the people who have seen this place, admire the beauty. Multnomah Falls is present on the Columbia River gorge, on the Oregon side of the river. It is present between the towns of Corbett and Dodson.

I really want to go in Mulnomah Falls, Oregon

The unique feature of this fall is that, it falls in two major steps. The upper half is 542 feet high, while the lower falls is 69 feet. The 9 feet drop elevation is present between the two falls and that makes the total height of the fall 620 feet. It is considered as the tallest fall is the region, but in US it stands at second place, which falls all around the year.

The source of water for Multnomah Falls is the underground springs which flow from Larch Mountain. In other season, rain water and snowpack water also become part of this water. A little foot trail is present to see the real beauty of the Falls, it takes the visitors to a higher place, where another part of Multnomah falls is seen, which is called as little Multnomah. This is not visible from the ground level, but when you climb on the Benson footbridge, you can see this beautiful part of the Multnomah Falls.

Another fall, called as Wahkeema falls is also present in the vicinity of Multnomah Falls. But the Multnomah Falls is a reachable place for the people, who visit the Oregon. You can reach the falls from Portland in 30 minutes only. You will use the parking area of l-84 and it will take only 5 minutes to reach the falls. The lodge of the fall was built in 1925 and it serves the visitors very well. The unique feature of this lodge is that it is built with rocks, and all kinds of rocks are used in this structure.

Now, it also works as a shop, which offers gifts and other souvenirs to the visitors. You can buy things like postcards as well. Eatables are also offered for the visitors and you can get informative material about the place as well. Maps showing details of the area are also available. However, as it’s a natural place, so some accidents also happened due to the falling rocks. The part of the bridge was also got damaged in the past, due to rocks. So, it’s really important to be careful. You will be delighted to see the beautiful place, which has a lot of scenic beauty.

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