Mount Kelimutu – Indonesia

There is very interesting myth behind fame of Mount Kelimutu situated in Indonesia. The surroundings of Mount Kelimutu comprise three lakes that are thought to be the resting place for deceased souls. The reason behind such thought for these lakes is their behavior of changing color from green to blue and sometimes from red to black and vice versa. Such strange behavior of these lakes has made them famous not only in Indonesia but all over the world with the name “the lake of evil spirits”.

Mount Kelimutu - Indonesia

The Mount Kelimutu is volcanic in nature and still active. This property of Mount Kelimutu can be depicted from its name in which Keli means mountain and the meanings of Mutu are boiling. Briefly, it stands for volcano. Three lakes that contain water of diverse colors i.e., maroon red, light green and dark blue respectively lie within the area of vast crater complex. The mountain is situated in the Wolowaru district at the rear side of Mount Kelibara within the area of Ende regency of central Flores.

Mount Kelimutu was discovered in 1915 by a Dutch government officer “Van Suchtelen”. Since the time of its discovery, it remained the favorite visiting place of tourists especially for scientists. In 1929, an article of Father Bouman came in front of world in which the name of Mount Kelimutu was unveiled for the first time. This article became the real source of inspiration for all the adventurous-loving people. Soon Mount Kelimutu became the part of all newspapers especially when Governor General of Batavia (Jakarta) visited this site.

In 1928, the eruption of Mount Kelimutu took place which became the cause of much damage. This incident was repeated in 1938 that came from Tiwu Ata Koo Fai Noo to Ata Nuwa muri also called the lake of youth. However, the largest recorded eruption was took place in 1968. The severity of this eruption can be judged by the fact that the water in the lakes was blast 10 meters far above the surface level into the sky.

The height of Mount Kelimutu is 1.690 meters, but the crater of the lake is 1.410 meters. Further geological description includes the Tiwu Ata polo that is called the lake of Evil with a sloping wall 150 meters high. The dimensions of this lake are 380, 280 meters and 64 meters in length, width and depth respectively. This depth holds the volume of water up to 446.0 cubic meters. The walls of Ta Nuwa Muri (the lake of youth) and Tiwu Ata Koo Fai Hoo have height up to 128 meters.

The dimsions of this lake are 430, 300 square meters and 127 meters in length, width and depth respectively with a water capacity of about 500.0 cubic meters. The third lake is Tiwu Ata Bupu also called the lake of the old. With respect to height of walls, length, width and depth, the measurements of this lake are 240 meters, 300, 280 square meters and 67 meters respectively with a holding water capacity of 345.0 cubic meters. The sum of the water capacity of the three lakes reaches up to 1.3 million cubic meters.

During the previous three to five years, all the three lakes of Mount Kelimutu are revealing a strange phenomenon of changing their water colors that is combination of geological and chemical processes. It is also assumed that the cause behind phenomena could be the changes in the bacteria and microorganism populations owing to variation in temperature.

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