Mount Cleveland

Many natural things are dangerous for the human beings. One of them is volcanoes. Many volcanoes are present all around the world, some of them are no more active, while others are active and keep spreading ashes and other materials in the atmospheres and damage the properties of the people.

Mount Cleveland

Mount Cleveland is a volcano, present in islands of four mountains in Alaska. The height of this volcano is 1730 meter and it is considered as the most active volcano in the Aleutian Arc. It is named after the president of the US, which was Grover Cleveland. It is considered as the most active volcano, as in last 230 years, it erupted 22 times, which is the maximum number of eruptions, by a single volcano. Recently, it was erupted in 2009, 2010 and 2011. It is difficult to study the volcano, as it is present in a remote location, so most of the data is collected through satellites. This volcano is dangerous for the flying air crafts, as the ashes are smoke which raise from the volcano can damage the sensitive parts of the aircrafts.

The continuous eruptions have given the volcano the shape of an up concave. This island is inhibited, where this volcano is located. The nearest city is 75 Km away from this volcano. The base of this volcano is 8 Km wide, nearly and the diameter is 29cubic Km. the slop of the volcano is covered by the volcanic flows. It is the tallest mountain in the area, but it is not covered with the snow as its activity interrupts the snow patterns in the area.

No seismic instruments are mounted on the volcano, due to its active nature and most of the data is collected through satellites. It causes damage to the flying planes so, it is considered as a threat for the aviation and increase the cost of fuel to more than $6,000. It is not a place, which is recommended to visit, as it is located in a far off area of Alaska and the island, on which it is present, is also not local residents. So, it is not a tourist attraction, just an amazing place, with lots of volcanic activity.

Scientists are concerned about the volcanic activity and want to install some geological instruments near the place, but it does not seem possible now. Many instruments are installed in the closed vicinity, not they are also vary far to collect the valid observations.

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