Mostnice Gorge – Dreamland in Slovenia

Most of the tourist’s attractions all over the globe have very clear recognition and can be easily identified by their names. Well, there is also such an attraction in the world which cannot be imagined just by taking its name. If you are curious for knowing the myths about this amazing visiting site, just get up and be ready to accompany us towards Slovenia.

Beautiful colors of mountain and water in Mostnica Gorge - Slovenia

As the path to approach this destination is somewhat difficult, so follow our footsteps to open your eyes in really surprising site. Our first destination is Ribčev Laz where we can go easily up to Bohinj Lake. From this point, we have to take right turn across a bridge that leads towards Stara Fužina.

After reaching up to Stara Fužina, take some rest and concentrate upon the surroundings. Here, we can see some signboards that indicate our next path goes towards left. After covering some path towards left side, we will reach up to a large parking lot. Wow! We have reached up to our destination that is famous with the name Mostnice Gorge. We can estimate the importance and beauty of Mostnice Gorge by the common words of locals that if you are in Slovenia and have the stay nearby Lake Bohinj, then you spare some time to enjoy the beauty of Mostnice Gorge. It is the fact, Slovenia remains in the minds of people just due to Mostnice Gorge.

Mostnice Gorge is the dreamland for nature lovers. After reaching up to your destination, you can start a series of enjoyable tasks. The first one is hiking. Normally, it takes 1-2 hours to reach up to top, but it depends upon your fitness level. Some people take even less time, but for some ones, it becomes hard to defeat even the little obstacles and they take more time. In fact, the hiking steps are not very difficult, but involve very tricky and little steps. However, when we reach at the top, we forgot all the tiredness and become mesmerize by seeing the beauty of surroundings. You will suddenly feel freshness and your heart will be filled up with joy thanks to loveliness and calmness of this place.

An exquisite small village of Stara Fuzina is also a wonderful point to view the complete scene of Mostnice Gorge. Due to steadily increasing demands of visitors, this village has become commercialized and you can stay here as well during Slovenia trip. If we continue our journey at the path goes ahead from Mostnice Gorge, we will reach at the end point of this route that is called Devil’s Bridge. This is the fourth and last bridge and from here, we can return back towards the Voje valley. The path towards Voje starts to rise and leads us gone from the right corner of Mostnica. This route direct us to a muddy road and ultimately towards mountain hut that is situated at the lower bank of Voje valley.

When we go straight on main dirt road and reach up to the end of valley, another surprise is waiting for us in the form of divine café. Here we can enjoy the delicious food of not only local origin, but in international flavors as well. A pleasant Voje waterfall also named as Mostnica waterfall is located just 100 m from this place. After some kilometers we can unite with the pathway and go back to Stara Fužina by following the same path.

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