Monument Valley – Colorado Plateau

World is full of amazing landscapes and they are spread all over the world. United states also hold a great verity of them. Monument valley is also one of them, which are a source of attraction for the whole world.

Monument Valley - Colorado Plateau

Monument valley is called because it means valley of the rocks. This is spread over a vast area and the region is called as the Colorado Plateau. This place is near the four corners area. If you want to reach the valley, the 163 highway is the nearest route. The elevation of the valley floor varies from 1500 to 1800 meter. The floor of the valley is composed of siltstone and sand.

These materials are deposited here by the river, which is the actually cause of the appearance of this valley. According to a research, it took more than 300 million years to form this valley, as river water deposited these materials here, over the period of millions of years. The color of these stones is red, which is because of iron oxide deposits, which are present in the area. Some rocks are of blue color, which shows the presence of manganese oxide in the rocks.

These are the rocks of vast sandstone; the sizes of stones are different. The largest one is 1,000 feet, nearly 300 meter above the ground. The strata of the rocks are clearly visible. The lower layer is Organ rock shale, while the middle one is the sandstone, the top layer is the conglomerate. These are the large stone structures and the most famous of them is the “Eye of the sun”.

The southern part of the valley is mined for the Uranium during 50’s and 60’s. The place is really beautiful and it is featured in many well-known films as well. The tourism is also an important aspect of the monument valley. The Navajo tribal park is a part of this valley. A drive through the park is also available for the tourists, which takes 2-3 hours as it is nearly 27 miles long trip. Moreover, some other important places are the mystery valley and the hunts Mesa, which are also part of the monument valley; however, if you need to see these places you have to arrange a guided tour.

You will be delighted and surprised to see such huge stones, which seems almost sky high and it seems the city of stones, which are of various shapes and with the passage of time, there shapes are changing, due to weathering. Do, visit the place; it will be a memorable addition in your holiday album.

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