Monteverde Rainforest – Costa Rica

Forests are considered as the lungs of nature and their number is decreasing with every passing day. However, yet there are many renowned forest, which are a source of natural beauty and entertainment for the people. Monteverde rainforest is one of them.

Canopy walkways above the Monteverde Rainforest - Costa Rica

This is basically a biological reserve, and is the most famous cloud forest all around the world. The forest is known for its contribution in scientific research, biodiversity and conservation significance. Many people think that why they should visit a forest, but the Monteverde forest is one of its own kind. It is the home of 2.5% worldwide biodiversity.

The percentage of endemic flora is 10%. All the income of this biological reserve is dedicated for the research, education and preservation of biodiversity. This rainforest is the best example of sustainable tourism. The hotel is present inside the forest, which offers not only residential facilities to the visitors but enhances the beauty of the place. This is the place, located between two continents, Caribbean and pacific.

Now, if we talk about the town of Monteverde, it is a small town in Puntarenas. This is a tourist attraction in Costa Rica. The reserve was founded in 1972. The total area of the Monteverde forest is the 10,500 hectares and more than 70,000 people come to Costa Rica to visit this forest.

The forest area is divided into 6 ecological zones. 90% part of the forest is virgin forest. The forest is the house of 2500 plant species and many plant, reptile and bird species are also unique in this area. Thepeople who want to access this beautiful place, have different means available. A bus goes to the forest five times a day from nearby town, Monteverde. The hotel present in the forest can provide accommodation facilities to around 50 people. If you don’t want to stay you can have lunch in a small restaurant present on the location. Moreover, a gift shop is also there. Some other attraction include frog pond, butterfly garden and bat jungle, which are actually a treat to watch.

It is a well maintained forest, so you can enjoy the walk on trails. Some suspension bridge also enhances the excitement of the visitors. If you love horse riding, you can enjoy it here. A trip on the horse back will be part of your memories forever. If you have never see a cloud forest, visit this one, you will enjoy the true scenic beauty and the colors of true nature, which are vanishing quickly.


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