Montana Magica – Huilo Chile

In the region of South America this is one of the beautiful and amazing hotels. The construction of this unique hotel is not only based on the concept of tree like many other hotels. It looks as volcano. It contains all the important and necessary accessories. It gives the fairy tale look because of the flow of water from the giant structure just like that the flow of magma from the volcano.

Amazing rock Hotel in Montana Magica – Huilo Chile

Except of its attractive design it also contains many eye catching things and the services. Most of the services are different from the services that are provided by the other hotels. It looks like the mountain as its construction is based on the style of the nature. One of the most attractive thing is this hotel is the style of the doors, windows and walls. Walls, windows, stairs and doors are carved with the wood.

Wood of rust that is locally available is used for this purpose. Windows are huge structure of the hotel and you can see the excellent forest and its greenery through them. Every room has attach bath with it and it is facilitated with the all equipment. Species of birds that are locally present are assigned s name for nine rooms. As it is situated in the forest and has beautiful design it really looks like a magical mountain. The designing of the hotel is very intellectual and in the style of the nature. It is a wonderland due to its natural style forms and shapes.

It is great attraction for the tourists because of its special and extraordinary services that other hotel will not provide. Hot tubs is one of the most attractive services of this lodge. Large trees trunks are used in the manufacturing of these hot tubs and these rubs are filled with the hot water. Course of mini goal is one of the other best service. It is located in the forest and thus obstacles are used that are present naturally.

You can enjoy many outdoor activities as well like rafting, horse riding and hiking. Huilo Hilo complex consist of the Montana Magica and the Bobab hotel. These hotel are linked with one another. As they are interconnected with each other so the management is also same and one. Every step in the lodge brings the incredible and amazing scenes and will become the thrilling and the awesome experience for you.


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