Massive Submarine – Old Milan street

This was October 1, 2013 and people of Milan were completely unaware of the extremely strange happening that was ready to shake the minds and hearts of those people. Like all days of years, people got up early in the morning and started their routine tasks.

Italian Insurance Company - Old Milan street

Being the early morning time, there was not a great rush of public even at the busiest places of Milan such as Via dei Mercanti. Suddenly, just near the Via dei Mercanti that is the heart of the old city; a submarine emerged from the beneath of road by making its way through the concrete stones and hurting a close by car. The crushed surface of road gathered and piled up nearby by the puzzled firefighters. In the meantime, sailors scrambled down from the misplaced tower of submarine to convene disaster crews present at the scene.

At the time of incident and even afterward, the people were very scared and authorities were confused about the reasons and consequences of this unhappy incident. Soon, this puzzle was solved by the activity of an Italian insurance company. Yes, all this happening was the result of a publicity plan made for Europ Assistance Italia and prepared by an Ad agency M&C Saatchi Milano who performed the submarine the event of intrusion of submarine for that insurance company.

The managerial team of Europ Assistance Italia came at the point of incident without wastage of time where a huge gathering was staying frightened. Just after the arrival at the location, the team raised the slogan of their promotional campaign i.e., “Protect Your Life”. They laughed and started the repair work of road. The gathering became stunned by this amazing promotional strategy, but afterward they also laughed and call this strategy, the most influence promotional strategy of any insurance company ever.

In fact, this was a well-prepared plan of Europ Assistance Italia insurance company and Ad agency M&C Saatchi Milano. The disaster scene carried out by a group of actors as well as some fully clad and mixed-up sailors and scuba divers. In addition, a hospital crew was also there to meet any type of mishap. The time of incident was also perfect, when there was no great rush of people. No doubt, everything was perfect, but still there were chances of any type of mishap. Well, everything was gone alright. People admired this beautiful publicity campaign and it proved really affective for the company later on.

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