Maracana Stadium – Rio De Jersey

In the Rio de Janeiro, the region of the Brazil the stadium of football is known as the Maracana stadium. It is also a part of the complex. It is owned by the government of the state. On 16th June 1950 it was opened for FIFA World Cup. Mario Filho is the official name of the stadium that is given in the honor of a journalist.

Maracana Stadium

The popular name of the stadium was derived from Maracana River. The construction of the stadium was still not completed at that time although it hosted the match. It lacked the stand for press and the facilities of the toilet but it looked like the site of building. It is known as the largest stadium of the world. The first football match was played on 24th June 1950 with spectators of almost 81,000 in attendance. Brazil won the match from Mexico from 4-0 in the first match.

For the 2016 Paralympics and Olympics and 2014 world cup, the reconstruction of the major project was started in 2010. The old design had the configuration of the two tires and the roof of concrete. It was replaced by the seating bowel of one tier and the roof with the fibers of the glass that have the coat of the polytetrafluoroethylene. Unlike of previous design the new roof covers 95 percent of the inside seats of the stadium.

Maracana Stadium

The colors of the new seats are white, blue and yellow while green is the color of the field of match. In 2000 after its 50th anniversary the stadium was closed for the renovation to increase its capacity. It remained close for almost nine months between 2005 and 2006. It was reopened in 2007 in the month of January with the 87,000 capacity of seats.

The stadium is also used for the other events than the football as well. It is used for many international competitions of sports. In 1980 as well as in 1983 matches of volleyball were played in this stadium. The closing and the opening ceremonies of XV pan American games were held in this stadium.

The closing and opening ceremonies of the 2016 summer Paralympics and 2016 summer Olympics will held in this stadium. The musical concerts were also arranged there. On the celebration of the 30th anniversary, on 16th January 1980, Frank Sinatra did his awesome performance in the crowed of almost 180,000 people. Backstreet Boys and Rush played at this venue. Rock in Rio 30 was held in the September 2015.

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