Maiden’s Castle Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Turkey is a unique country as it is part of two continents at the same time, Asia and Europe. So, it has unique culture and many other things which make it simply special. Maiden’s castle is one of them.

Maiden's castle-turkey mersin

Maiden’s castle is a small castle, which is present on a small island in Mersin province. This island is present in the Mediterranean sea, at the distance of 300 meters from the Kizkalesi town. The same of island is also Kizkalesi, and its area is 15,000 square meters. Maiden’s castle holds almost the same area.

The island is present at the distance of 60 km from the province center, which is Mersin and 23 Km from the Erdemli, which is district center. According to historic evidences, the castle was built by the Alexios l komnenos originally, but it was rebuilt in 1199. It is built with the stones originally but later different rulers make changes in it. Rampart of the castle is 192 meters long, which is straight in south and west direction, but its curved in north and east side. North side has the big main entrance to the castle. This castle has eight bastions, and everyone is unique.

As every historic building has a story associated with it, so we can also find a legend related to Maiden’s castle as well. The story says that the king of that time had a beautiful daughter. Once he called a fortune teller to know the future of his daughter. The fortune teller told the king that his daughter will be poisoned by a snake. The king get worried and built this castle right in the middle of the sea, as there were no snakes in this area. He sent his daughter to live in this castle. However, s snake hides in the fruit basket, which was sent from the king to his daughter and poisons the princess.

The shape of the castle looks like a triangle from the distance and it appears a white building of sand. However, it is strong enough the stand against the rough weather in the sea and look elegant after so many centuries. Tourists can enjoy this beautiful structure in kizkalesi and other that that many other attractions are also present at the short distance from this coastal town. Another castle Korykos is present on the shore on the main land, near the Maiden’s castle. You can travel on the small cruise boat, if you want to see the castle form the inside. You can also hire a paddle boat, if you want to enjoy. You will enjoy the sea food restaurants in the area, which offer good food.


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