Las Lajas Sanctuary – Colombia

Religious places are present all around the world and Las Lajas Sanctuary is one of them. Basically, it is a church, which is present in the South of Columbia. It comes under the jurisdictions of Ipiales municipality. This church is known for its unique location, which is inside the Canyon of a River.

Amazing building between mountains in Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

The construction period of this church was from 1916 to 1949. The style of construction is Gothic and the name Laja is kept on the name of a rock, which is used in the construction of the church.

This place is associated with a miraculous event. A mother and daughter were travelling through the area in 1754, they caught in the strong storm and there was no place to hide. So, they seek refuge in Laja rocks. The young girl was deaf and dumb. Suddenly, she told her mom that someone is calling me and she pointed towards the illuminated part of the Laja. It was said that it was the Virgin Mary, who saved them and do the miraculous healing.

So, this Sanctuary was constructed at that place, centuries ago. According to some sources, it was first constructed in 1756 and the construction material was wood and straw. In 1802, new shrine was built and it was so large that it gets connected to the river canyon.

Now this is a Roman Catholic cathedral and it a attraction for the tourists from all around the world. We can find the reference of this sanctuary, in many old books. The recent construction of the church completed in 1949 and it is 100 meter high from the river canyon and a 50 meter long bridge connects with to the other side of canyon.
Ipiales is the connecting place between Colombia and Ecuador and this Las Laja cathedral is located outside of the city. The image of the Mary is still visible on the rock, which makes the back side of the church.

If you want to go to see the place, you can hire a taxi from the bus station, you can leave your backpack in the storage room, where it will be safe. Once you visit the Las Lajas Sanctuary, you can continue your journey to Ecuador. It is really easy to cross the border from this place. Just a little stamp on the passport is required and you will be free to enjoy the beauty of another beautiful place.


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