Land Bridge Fort Vancouver – A Must Watch Site in Washington

At Columbia River site, both Native American culture and European culture became unite. This was exactly the site where the first European trading post i.e., Hudson’s Bay Company started its business. With the time being, this site became more popular as the world’s leading trading centre especially after the arrival of Lewis and Clark.

Land Bridge Fort Vancouver - Washington

By seeing the popularity of this site, Fort Vancouver was constructed here just after 20 years. At present, the view of this site has been entirely changed especially after the construction of an earth-covered pedestrian bridge. The bridge covers the curvature of over State Route 14. Moreover, this bridge serves as the connecting point for Columbia River and historic Fort Vancouver. In addition, this bridge has helped to highlight the beauty of fort from Mexico to Alaska and crossways the Pacific Ocean.

Fort Vancouver serves as the best suitable site for growth of native plants and this specialty can be observed during the walk along the land bridge. Furthermore, the walk along the bridge provides you an opportunity to enjoy the great view of river as well as of adjacent mountains. When we start the walk from the southern side, we met with the land bridge’s Welcome Gate. This bridge was designed by a Native American artist named as Lillian Pitt. Here we can see two cedar canoe panels; each one is decorated with a cast-glass carving of a Chinook woman’s face. These cedar canoe panels remind us the role of site as earth-shattering tribal intersection point as well as a meeting point for Native people Europeans.

The other remarkable features of earth-covered Land Bridge of Fort Vancouver include its 40 feet width wrinkled with native plants and indigenous basket weave designs. The celebration of dedication of Land Bridge Fort Vancouver was brought about on August 23, 2008 thanks to its remarkable servicing as the connecting point for Columbia River waterfront and historic Fort Vancouver. Site architect, “John Paul Jones” and “Maya Lin” of Seattle were the personalities behind featuring the occasion on world-wide scale.

The other outstanding buildings of Fort Vancouver comprise the Bake House that is famous for “sea biscuits.” The Blacksmith Shop of Fort Vancouver is the place where we can see the art of black smith in real manner. Similarly, Carpenter Shop unfolds a huge variety of carpentry tools in front of people. In the last, there is a Kitchen that unveils the world-famous recipes in front of visitors.

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