Lake Louise: The True Picture of Hamlet in Canada

It is obvious from the name of this popular tourist’s attraction in Canada that this is the name of some special lake. In fact, Lake Louise is s a glacial lake in Alberta, Canada which is the part of Banff National Park. The fame of Lake Louise is due to being one of the most popular hamlets of Canada.

Split-view, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

The word “Hamlet” is used for a beautiful small settlement along the country side where people prefer to come in search of calm and joy. Same is true for Lake Louise Hamlet which is bounded by tall mountains, the royal Victoria Glacier and a glossy bright green lake.

The name of Lake Louise was kept after the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta who reigned from 1848 to 1939. Princess Louise was the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria. The name of her husband was John Campbell, who was not only the 9th Duke of Argyll, but Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. Laggan was the original name of this hamlet and in ancient times, it was a station beside the route of Canadian Pacific Railway. It was constructed in 1890 and later on this building of railway station was conserved and categorized into Heritage Park in Calgary.

The Lake Louise hamlet is alienated into two communities. The first community is named as “The Village” which is situated at relatively lesser elevation neighboring to the Trans-Canada Highway. The attractions of “The Village” include a little shopping centre called as “Samson Mall”. The prominence of “Samson Mall” is due to grocery store, a park visitor centre, deli, bakery, grill, sporting goods store and a bar. Now we disclose the real source of popularity which attracts thousands of visitors towards Lake Louise every year and the name of this gigantic attraction is the ski area, Lake Louise Mountain Resort.

It is easy to approach this fine-looking skiing resort which is near to Highway 1. When we go towards higher elevation, we met the second community situated around the Chateau Lake Louise. The approachable locations to this community are Alberta Highway 1A and Ice fields Parkway.

According to 2001 consensus, the total population of Lake Louise Hamlet was just 1,041. The climate of Lake Louise falls under the category of subarctic. The average yearly snowfall is 3.3m and temperature during winter lies below −50°C. The pleasant frosty mornings are the part of summer season with cool crispy days. There is no fixed duration for occurrence of snowfall in a year. The aim behind development of Lake Louise is providing creation facilities to the visitors. The luxury mountain resort “Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise” is a famous for first-rate skiing in the winter, picturesque canoe and hiking activities, a lavishness spa and extraordinary dining experiences.


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