Lake Geneva – Switzerland

Switzerland is considered as one of the most beautiful places on the face of earth. Geneva is the capital of this small country. This beautiful city has many attractions, and one of them is Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Lake Geneva is the largest water body in the city and it is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and has land mass on all its sides. The southern part of this lake is present in France. Alp Mountains are present around this lake and it enhances the beauty of the lake. It is said that the real estate in this area is the most expansive in the world. The lake is a tourist spot, and in summers tourists have the facility to dive, swim and enjoy other water sports.

In surrounding mountains, people can also enjoy hiking. In winters, in becomes a skiing spot. Another important thing about this lake is the submarine survey. This lake has been explored by four submarines. City of Geneva is present in the West of lake, and if you travel in the east, you will enter in canton of Vaud. Yacht racing is another popular spot, which entertain a lot of people at Lake Geneva. The most famous of these races is the one, which runs from one end of the race to the other. Rowing events also take place at Lake Geneva. The important thing about the event is the longest nonstop rowing event in the world.

Vineyards in the surrounding of the lake are another tourist’s attraction. You can enjoy a lot of sports on the lake and other than that surrounding area is also a great attraction for the visitors. As Switzerland receives a lot of snow in winters, so this place becomes a heaven in winters too. In January 2005, a great snow storm hit the area and all the trees, cars and ships in the lake were covered with the thick blanket of snow, this sight was remembered for the years.

If you are interested, you are arrange a lot of other tours in the vicinity of the lake. But, as the lake is a big place and it is owned by the two countries, France and Switzerland, it is really important and both countries have tried their best to enhance the scenic beauty and facilitate the visitors, coming to their countries. So, if you are planning to visit Switzerland, add this lake in your destination list, you will have a lot of fun filled activities here.


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