Khana Kaaba: Makkah

The Kaaba is located at the center of the Al-Masjid-al-Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is the religious place for the Muslims. The dimension of facing Kaaba is called as qibla. It is in cuboid form. It is the scared place for the Muslims.

Khana Kaba

Muslims who can afford, perform the hajj that is one pillar among the five pillars of the religion of Islam. Muslims have to do tawaf that is moving around the Kaaba for seven times. Tawaf is also an important part of the umrah. More than one lac Muslims comes from all over the world to perform the hajj each year. It is also known as Bait Ateeq that refers to the ancient house constructed by Ibrahim. It is also called Bait-al-Haram.

It is made up of bricks and granite that is based on the marble. It is about 43 feet high. Interior of the Kaaba is made up of the limestone and the marble. It is an important building just for the Muslims. It is the religious and respectable place for the Muslims all over the world. Muslims come here for umrah and hajj. It is usually known as the house of Allah. Muslims offer their prayers in its direction. Kaaba is focal point for the Muslims during prayers. And thus it is called as qibla.

Hajj is performed in the holy month of zilhajj but umrah can be performed in any month. Some acts are performed as the symbol of the incidents of the past like as the case of Hazrat Hajra, who run in the search of water between the two hills called Safa, Marwah. The cleaning of the Kaaba is the great event and it is performed twice in the year. The building of the Kaaba is then opened.

The cleaning ceremony of the Kaaba begins about 30 days before the start of the month hajj and the Ramadan. Bani shayba has the honor to keep the keys of this holy place. On the cleaning ceremony the small amount of the native and foreigner scholars are invited. The cover of the Kaaba is made up of the gold and the special cloth of the black color. The governor of the Makkah has the opportunity to clean structure with the help of brooms and washing is done with the mixture of Persian rosewater and zamzam water. There are many hotels near the Kaaba so that people will not have any problem.

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