Italian Artist Guido Daniele

There are different kinds of arts famous in the world. Some are conventional like dancing and painting while others are innovative and modern. An intelligent artist invents a new kind of art. A lot of hard work and passion is required for such type of inventions.

Italian artist Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele is an Italian artist, who is really famous all over the world. He was born in 1950 in Italy and now days, he is living in the city of Milan. If we talk about the early life of Guido, he was born in Calabria. He graduated his art school in 1972, where his major subjects were sculpture. After that he went to India to get more education and remain there for two years.

After completing his education, he worked in various companies as editor and realistic illustrator. He was used to test different techniques of painting. He was also use to print back cloth and the largest he painted was 400 meters. He also painted images of buildings and private houses. It was 1990, when he developed a body printing technique and his work was used for different commercial purposes. Different exhibitions and fashion events were also held, focusing on his new art.

The art he invented is named as the handimals. It is basically the painting on hands and he focused on painting animals. Some famous paintings are snakes, elephant and birds. He used different postures of hands and painted them in details. He paint hand so perfectly that no one can recognize them that it’s not the real picture but the painting. However, his artists have to keep their hands in same position for hours. He asks them to wash their hands once the paint in completed and pictures are taken from various angles. He says that he feels really bad when paint goes down the pipe of the drain, as it took 3-4 hours to create one piece.

Now he has done many exhibitions of his creations all over the world. And he won different awards as well. Animal plant awarded him “the hero of the year”. He is working both as commercial and solo artist. His collection of more than 70 pictures is available for his fans. He is a great artist and his work will be remembers for the centuries to come. He work is inspiring many other artist to work in this direction and at the same time he is promoting the love for nature and animals in young people.


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