Channel Islands National Park – The Place with Lots of Fun in California

Channel Islands National Park is a national park in United States that comprises five Channel Islands among the total of eight ones. The location of Channel Islands National Park is Pacific Ocean aside the coast of California. Though the islands are near to the coast of compactly populated Southern California, their separation has left them quite emergent.

Anacapa Arch, Channel Islands National Park, California

The total area of Channel Islands National Park is 249,561 acres, but federal government controls the hold of 79,019 acres. Santa Cruz Island, which is the major island in the park is managed and owned by The Nature Conservancy but not the whole just 76% of total land area.

Located off the southern coast of California, Channel Islands National Park contains some assorted compilation of plant and animal species found in the United States. Five islands cover the total area of park and the names of these islands are Santa Cruz, Anacapa, San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Santa Barbara. Each of these islands is full of fun and enjoyable activities. A very interesting activity for the tourists is using a wide selection of spectacles to observe and things to do. The approach to the park is not very difficult.

It is very close to numerous cities of California and this is the specialty of this tourist’s destination which yields very easy and comfortable trip. The rate of the visit per person to these islands via boat varies from $50 to $75. There is no fair for the children under the age of 2. However, for the visitors carrying surfboards the charges of tour are more than normal. The “park’s visitor center” facilities the customers by providing them provision to reserve their seats on the boat via online means by using the Island Packers Cruises website.

Channel Islands National Park presents an extensive range of amusement activities, among all these kayaking through the Sea Caves is the most popular one. The other attractions include backpacking, camping, scuba diving, day hiking and spear fishing. The Channel Islands National Park is famous for its long series of multifaceted but fine-looking Sea Caves. The most visiting place of the park is Scorpion Anchorage, but the tour to this destination is based upon availability of ferry and ocean conditions. It is suggested that inexpert visitors must use warning precautions when visiting the national park because of variation in the ocean conditions. The National Park Service approves a small number of outfitter and guide services.


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