Inter Continental Festival City Hotel in Dubai

Today, Dubai has become a business, cultural and leisure hub not only for the locals but for the people belongs to any region of the globe. People feel real pleasure to come here by availing wide range of shopping and amusement facilities.

Inter Continental Festival City Hotel in Dubai

Due to countless attractions, Dubai always remain full of tourists belong to different countries and all these people have no choice but to stay in hotels. In this line, hotel industry in Dubai is also flourishing too much. Here, we are going to unveil the beauty and facilities of one of the most famous hotels of Dubai that is known as Inter Continental Festival City Hotel. Inter Continental Festival City Hotel offers highly luxurious and memorable living experience, when you come to Dubai.

The first attraction of any Hotel is its outerlook that plays a vital role in attracting the visitors. Moreover, the fabulous structure and design of a hotel is the reflection of its services as well. Nothing is different in case of Inter Continental Festival City Hotel. The transparent plexiglass part Inter Continental Festival City Hotel that extends ahead of the edge of the hotel building is fulfilling the purpose of overlooking the Dubai Skyline. The pool is also a necessary and one of the most appealing parts of every luxurious hotel. In Inter Continental Festival City Hotel, the pool has a bowed crystal clear bottom and people at the edge of pool can look up and see the swimmers without any difficulty.

Intercontinental Dubai Festival City is situated in Creek that is also famous for dramatic views that have been spread in every direction. At present, the Inter Continental Dubai Festival City has become the landmark of city. The Inter Continental Dubai Festival City features 498 delicately designed rooms together with 121 suites make the living capacity of Inter Continental Festival City Hotel. Well, there is much more beyond this which we can see in the form of three Presidential Suites and one Royal Suite. It simply means that this hotel is equipped with ultra-high deluxe facilities that are an obligation for saying welcome to Royal families. In addition, five terrific restaurants that offer all awesome views of the Creek raise the beauty of this hotel.

This hotel is famous for its extraordinary facilities with straightforward access to the airport and all the tourism places in Dubai. It is linked to a gigantic shopping mall that offers you all shopping facilities of Dubai, if you have o time to go outside and serve your precious time in wondering and shopping.

Michelin-starred French chef Pierre Gagnaire’s Reflets is the place where foodies will happily snap a handful meal, though everybody else can enjoy photography experience that ranges from seafood at renowned Lebanese resto Al-Sultan Brahim to globally available food recipes that are being cooked in front of you. Spanning within an area of 1300 acre, Dubai Festival City is a foremost harbor that has been planned to detain the revolutionary 21st Century fortitude of Dubai. It offers a prosperous and vivacious livelihood experience that interrelate the premium and easily available facilities in the form of shopping at Festival Centre, dining, entertainment and leisure.


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