Incredible Roots – Costa Rica

The Central American country “Costa Rica” is the region of really overwhelming biodiversity. Among a variety of flora of this region, the most prominent and remarkable are the trees with buttressed roots.

Incredible Roots - Costa Rica

The buttress or supporting roots are categorized as large roots which are being spread all around a shallowly rooted tree. Naturally, such trees grow in the soils of nutrient-poor rainforest and do not go through the deeper layers of soil. Nearly all kind of mangroves incorporate such kind of roots. These roots are beneficial for the trees in many respects such as they avert the tree from declining over or diminishing completely.

Due to this property, such roots are named as buttress. In addition, such roots become the source of collecting more nutrients. Here we must be clear that buttresses are the pressure-oriented elements that grow larger on the side away from the pressure of irregular coverings. The roots may interlace with supporting roots coming from other trees and generate a complicated web. These roots also have the tendency to hold up the trees nearby it. They can get the height up to 30 feet and spread around 30 meters above the soil as well as 30 meters below. When the roots extend straight, they are capable to wrap a broader area for gathering nutrient. They reside close to the upper soil layer since all the major nutrients are present there.

Only buttressed trees obsessed sinker roots, which split from the ends of the buttresses. The dock strength of the buttressed trees is approximately twice (10.6 kNm) as compared to the un-buttressed tress (4.9 kNm). The maximum strength is obtained at lower angles. The leeward buttresses were pressed into the soil within the buttressed trees prior to twisting and finally breaking starts from their tip. At the same time as the windward buttresses singled out of the soil or delaminated if they obsessed sinker roots.

To windward, the tap root turned around in the soil. On the contrary, during malfunctioning of un-buttressed trees the movement and bending of tap roots remain in the direction of the leeward roots. Leeward roots are in fact, windward roots that were singled out of the soil and ultimately the leeward sides are simply buckled. Damages along the tresses were very superior as compared to the laterals of un-buttressed trees. In short, all these miraculous actions performed by buttressed and leeward roots collectively are enough to claim the land of Costa Rica, the region of incredible roots.

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