Hotel Skyscraper Pool of SkyPark

We can find hotels all around the world. They offer residential facilities to the travellers and tourists and provide all kind of other services too. A great verity of hotels is present all around the world. Some offer just the basic facilities and are quite economical for a common man, while others offer a wide range of facilities and are expansive for a common person.

Hotel Skyscraper Pool of SkyPark

Some hotels are really different from the others and have unique features. Here we are talking about one of these unique hotels. This sky park hotel is present in Singapore, but it is not an ordinary hotel. It offers all the facilities, which a customer can think off, but the most amazing thing is the swimming pool, which is present on the 55th floor of the hotel. Yes, it is difficult to image the swimming pool at so much height, but the practical example is present in Sky park hotel of Singapore.

This pool is considered as the largest pool, which is constructed at such height. It is present 650 feet above the ground level. The length of this pool is three times, more as compared to a standard Olympic swimming pool. It is present in the most expansive hotel of the world. The pool is called as Sky park as it is present at height and its shape is like a boat. It seems that water is falling from the roof, but actually a catchment area is created just at the end of swimming pool, where water falls and it is recycled back to the main pool area.

There are more than 2500 rooms in this hotel and it will cost you 350 pounds for one night stay. The hotel offers many other facilities as well, like casino, convention center, indoor canal, outdoor plaza and museum. People can enjoy a ride in the indoor canal, which is also a unique feature. Many artists are working to give unique look to this place and we can see the some amazing pieces of art.

According to an estimate, this hotel will generate 48 million pounds for Singapore in a year and it will provide jobs to more than 10,000 people. The pool is open from 6 am to 11 pm every day. However, this pool is for the guest who is staying at the hotel only, outsiders is not allowed to have access to the pool. So, if you want to enjoy this Sky park, you have to stay in this hotel and enjoy the beautiful pool, which is one of its own kind.

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