Hollywood stars Donating Cars In California

Things change with the passage of time and we prefer to change our vehicles too. Sometimes, we need a new vehicle and sometimes it’s just that we want a change. If you live in a state like California, you might have space problems in your garage, when you buy a new vehicle. To make the space for your new car, you need to get rid of old one. You can donate your old car exactly as most of Hollywood stars are doing, yea, it’s a good idea. Let me tell you that how to donate car in California.

Advantages of car Donation in California

You can donate your old cars, vans and other vehicle, no matter they are in running condition or not. Yes, you can donate your old car, and you can also donate those cars which are not even functional. The charity organization provides free facility to the famous stars of Hollywood. They will tow your old car from your home, without any charges, will fix them and present them for auction.

The money they will get will be given to the needy people. You will also get tax deduction, if you donate your car. So, if you need a tax relaxation, your old car can help you. Another advantage is the less hassle, if you will sell your car, you will post ads to get a buyer and there will be some legal issues as well. But if you donate, the charity will be responsible for everything and you will get tax deduction as well. You will be satisfied and glad, that you help the needy. Some organizations work for kids only, so you can donate your car for kids that are more satisfying.

Rules for car donation in California

Some US states have very strict rules for car donation, but California offers very simple rules for that. The department of Division of Motor Vehicles of DMV takes care of all the affairs related to car donation. You need to leave the license plates on your car. Moreover, you also need to fill the release the liability form, given by the charity. The same form is also available on the website of DMV.

Beware of Scams

Make sure that you are selecting a legitimate company for donating your car. Many stars of Hollywood are facing problems with scams. Many scams are also working, although government takes cares of such scams, but still it’s better to ensure that you are giving your car to registered charities. You can check the list of registered companies on the website of California charitable organization financial database.

You can search the internet for charity organizations in California and make sure that they are registered. Moreover, don’t forget to inform your insurance company that you have donated your car, as soon as you donate it, the insurance company will not provide it insurance cover and you will be free from another liability. So, donating your car is a good idea and you can enjoy a lot of benefits.

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