Hollywood is Tunnel of Love in Los Angeles

No doubt, there are lots of places all over the world which are considered as an attraction point for the loving couples including Hollywood and Los Angeles. However, a very remarkable, peaceful and beautiful meeting point for the lovers is not other “Tunnel of Love”. Yes, this is the name of that highly charming and mesmerizing point which attracts thousands of lovers every year to come here to make their feelings for each other just memorable for the whole life.

Tunnel of Love is in fact, a railway track situated in a small less congested town of Ukrainian but we can see lot of its practice in Los Angeles where love never ends. Huge canopy of trees stretched out in the form of an arc in the tunnel with countless flowers of various colors and complete calm are the most special things of tunnel which make it a romantic paradise for couples. The best season of visiting this beautiful site is spring in which this three kilometer tunnel turned into romantic place where lots of couples can be seen enjoying romantic solitude.

Los Angeles is famous for many things, but one most amazing and interesting is the world capital of moving large objects slowly through the streets. As Tunnel of Love is actually a railway track, so it is obviously a route of transportation. However, it is not used publically. The railway track is in fact, the property of a private fiberboard factory which uses this route transportation of logs through a small train. Recently, a reporter of Daily Mail noticed the frequency of use of this railway track by the fiberboard factory and found that it is used thrice a time in a day and the remaining time, it remain empty as this route is not being used by public train.

This activity of love of Hollywood is in fact, a blessing for the couples as it keeps the walking track clear all the year and prevents self-growing of weeds and trees in the middle of track. However, the calm and greenery all around the Los Angeles keeps the tourists bound in its spell.


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