Hanging Restaurant – Belgium

A restaurant is a good business all over the world. There are different kinds of restaurants and the owners keep thinking about the new things, which can make their place unique and they can attract more and more people. Hanging restaurant is one such project in Belgium.

Amazing Hanging Restaurant in Belgium

Hanging restaurant is basically a hanging dinner table, which has the capacity of 22 people. The table is hanged with the help of a crane and that is lifted to 90 feet above the ground level. The guests can join the hanging restaurant for breakfast, dinner or lunch. The owners of this restaurant have selected four tourist locations in the city, where they provide food services for the whole week.

The meal is prepared by the team of renowned chef’s right in front of their gusts. Moreover, musicians are also there to provide the entertainment to the guests. The safety of the passengers is the responsibility of the owners. If you want to enjoy meal in this hanging restaurant, you have to boo k and pay in advance.

Although, it’s quite costly as compared to other restaurants, but it is a unique experience of its own kind. You have the life time memories to eat in the hanging restaurant and the world’s best chef will prepare your food. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Belgium and at the same time you can enjoy the wonderful music. Different people book the restaurant for different events like marriage parties and other events, which will make their special occasion more special.

However, it is important to consider few things. You have to pay in advance and there will be no refunds due to weather. If there is rain, the restaurant will be covered with the plastic sheet and the outside view will be blocked, which will be the great loss for the dinners. Moreover, if the weather is windy, the restaurant will remain on ground. These are the safety precautions, but really disappointing on part of dinners. So, whenever you book, do pray that weather remain good.

When dinners sit inside the restaurant that is moved slowly upward till it reaches the height of 90 feet, which is equal to a lofty building. So, dinners can enjoy the aerial view of the surrounding areas. The service is really good and the meal is really great. If you have height phobia, try it even once, because you will enjoy the great ambiance inside the restaurant and the surrounding beauty as well.

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