Gustave Flaubert Bridge

World is full of amazing things, some of them are natural, while many others are manmade. A large number of bridges are constructed all over the world, while some of them are really famous. However, very few people know this great bridge, which is really amazing and is called as the Gustave Flaubert Bridge.

Gustave Flaubert Bridge

It is present in France and built on Seine River at the place of Rouen. It tool for years for the construction of this bridge and it was opened officially in 2008. The estimated cost for the construction of this bridge was 60 million euros. But it completed in 138 euro, including the charges of the access road. The name of the bridge is kept after the great novelist of 19th century, Gustave Flaubert, who was born in the city of Rouen.

The bridge connects many important routes like Normandy motorway A13, A150, A29 and A28. This route was the most suitable, as there were no hills and the route was close to the centers in the city. The most interesting feature of this bridge is the lifting ability. The total height of the bridge is 86 meters and the space is 120 meters. It is the third tallest bridge, while the other two are also present in Rouen. The total length of the bridge is 670 meters.

It takes 12 minutes to lift the bridge, as the total weight of the bridge is 1300 tons. Four pylons are used to lift the weight of the bridge. It is raised to give way to the big ships, which come to dock the city center and other famous cruises, which pass through this place. The estimated traffic flow over the bridge is 50,000 vehicles per day.

Different people criticize the importance and usefulness of this bridge and it is said that it divides the channel in two halves as lifting the bridge is a time taking task. However, many others say that it is really an amazing sight to see this huge bridge rise and then coming back to the original position. However, many people come to France and see this bridge in its full glory.

If you have any plans to visit France, must go to see Gustave Flaubert Bridge, as it’s a unique bridge of its own kind. It is an amazing sight and it has some beautiful places all around the bridge. You can see the amazing deck of Rouen.


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