Green Blue Parrot – The Wonderful Bird Specie

Among countless species of birds, parrots are one of the few birds that are being loved by every person thanks to their intelligence and beauty. Children like to keep them as pet. A huge variety of Parrots is found all over the globe in various colors and shapes.

Beautiful green blue parrots!

It must be kept in mind that not all the varieties of parrots are available in all parts of the world, but can be easily distinguished with name of their home country. Here we are going to expose very beautiful specie of parrots commonly known as Green Blue Parrot. Of course, it looks strange to identify a bird with its body colors. Well, this is all due to very interesting and eye-catching color scheme of this beautiful bird.

People know it with different names such as Blue-naped Parrot, Blue-crowned Green Parrot, Luzon Parrot, the Philippine Green Parrot, and Pikoy in local community. The home land of this parrot specie is Philippines together with the Talaud Islands and islands of east and north Borneo. The size of Green Blue Parrot is medium i.e., 31 cm. The distribution of color scheme is mainly green apart from a light blue rear crown and nape, scalloped shoulders with orange-brown on black clandestine, pale blue lower back and rump and blackish under wings with green under wing coverts.

The habitat of Green Blue Parrot is forest edge, secondary forest and farms up to 1000 m. The size of flock is generally under a dozen. The favorite food of these pretty birds is berries, mangoes, nuts, seeds and grain. Loss of home and excessive trapping has exerted great influence upon their population on most islands apart from Palawan and Mindoro. Nevertheless, the Katala Foundation has taken initiative against day-by-day increasing unlawful trade of Green Blue Parrot on Palawan.

At present, the three known subspecies of Green Blue Parrots have been discovered. Other species are usually considered as unfounded. Among three known species, the first and most popular one is T. l. lucionensis. Two types i.e., Luzon and Mindoro fall in this category. The second specie is T. l. hybridus: Polillo Islands. The type of Green Blue Parrot fall in this class can be recognized with its Blue color on crown tinged with violet.

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