Great Artificial Elephant

Nature has some great animals, which are really huge, one of them is elephant. Human get so fascinated by the nature and try to build things, which can be called as replica of the natural things. One such thing was built in France and that was the great artificial elephant.

Great Artificial Elephant

The concept behind the construction of this giant elephant was to promote the tourism in the country. Basically, a place was designated for the manmade machines, which was called as the Machines of the Isle of Nantes. It was decided that few great mechanical structure will be created there, to promote the place as tourist attraction and the great artificial elephant was one of them.

The original concept of artificial elephant was taken from an exhibition, which was organized at different places, all around the world. Artificial elephant in that exhibition was also huge yet this one was different from that. The original elephant is destroyed.

This artificial elephant is really massive, as it is 12 meter high and its width is 8 meters. It is constructed with wood and steel and the material used in the construction is recycled. The total weight of the elephant is 45 tons, which is a lot. The elephant can move with 49 passengers at its back and they can enjoy the ride for 49 minutes. The trunk and legs of this huge elephant are mechanically articulated.

The great elephant has promotes the image of Nantes as tourist destination and at the same time, it has promoted the concept of environmental stability, as it is constructed with recycled material. The place is called as the mechanical Zoo in France. Various artists are busy in making their own creations there. Anyone can go there and see what is happening. This is a great source of information for the people who visit France and the local residents. There is no entry fee for the place, however, you have to pay some amount if you want to ride nay of these animals. Kids really enjoy elephant ride, as it is long enough to entertain them.

Designers find many loop holes in the design and construction of the elephant, however, they are hoping that they will be able to make a better version in the future, which will be better not only in the appearance but in the performance as well. The technology is improving and we can hope to see a better version of giant elephant in future.

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